50 Cent endorses Donald Trump for President despite disliking him, “F” the tax plan


Rapper ’50 Cent’ had the guts to publicly endorse Donald Trump for president after seeing Joe Biden’s tax plan.

50 Cent has gone on the record to diss Donald Trump in the past, calling out his response to the COVID-19 pandemic several months ago. “You wanted a reality show host as president,” said Fif. “Well, now you’re on Survivor.”

It seems that, despite how he personally feels about Trump, he will still be casting a vote for the Republican candidate, as per his latest post on Instagram.

50 Cent is wrong about Trump not liking black people. He does and has worked to help black people.

Sharing a picture of Joe Biden’s alleged tax rate plan by state, which includes a 62.6% rate for California, Fif said it was enough for him.

“WHAT THE FUCK! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT,” wrote 50 Cent, endorsing Trump as the President of the United States. “FUCK NEW YORK. The KNICKS never win anyway. I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya fucking mind.”

So far, the tax rate applies to people making $400K a year or more.

There are several problems with Biden’s plan. First of all, it’s a double tax on the wealthy, and it’s unconstitutional. Secondly, it’s theft. Third, it won’t cover their insane spending plans, and it will eventually hit all of us.

It’s also important to note that Biden will eliminate all of Trump’s tax cuts and they include tax breaks for the middle class.

Despite the Democrats’ claim, an overwhelming majority of Americans received a tax cut through the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Eighty-two percent of American middle-class households received a tax cut and received an average tax cut of $1,260. In Ohio, where CNN is hosting the debate, the average Ohioan received $1,476. Ninety percent of Americans saw an increase in take-home pay. The tax cuts3.3% raise wage growth by 3.3 percent and helped foster historic lows in unemployment.

The Trump tax cuts also doubled the child tax credit and expanded its eligibility, which greatly helps the American working-class family.

The Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act also repealed the Obamacare individual mandate, which serves as a giant middle-class tax cut. Eighty percent of those who paid the Obamacare individual mandate fine made less than $50,000, making the mandate’s repeal a significant tax cut.

The hot news hip hop site claimed he cared more about money than climate change. But since when does pouring hard-earned money into the policies of clueless Democrats like Joe help climate change? It hasn’t so far.

What is this ridiculous new attitude that it’s okay to steal from the wealthy? This is what tyrants do.

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