SCOTUS rules PA can extend deadline for mail-in votes by 3 days


The Supreme Court will not block Pennsylvania’s mail-in vote extension. The court tied 4-4, with Chief Justice John Roberts apparently joining the three liberal justices not to set aside a Pennsylvania state court ruling to extend the deadline three days after election day.

Roberts hates President Trump, and he now leans left on most issues important to Republicans.

An evenly divided Supreme Court said Monday it is declining to block a Pennsylvania state court ruling allowing mail-in ballots in the crucial battleground state to be counted as long as they’re postmarked by Election Day, even if they arrive up to three days later.

The order from the high court is a victory for Democrats, as the presidential campaigns prepare for an all-out battle for the state’s 20 electoral votes.

Pennsylvania is a battleground state known for corrupt voting. What do you want to bet they will find ballots in closets and car trunks for three days.

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