50 Democrats – the Party of Caring – Voted to Fire Frontline Workers


Fifty Democrats voted to fire frontline workers. They voted against an amendment that would defund Biden’s vaccine mandate. Democrats are not being honest when they claim the vaccine mandates are having a positive effect on Americans’ health. They simply can’t prove it.

It’s having a negative effect in that it’s making doubters out of people who probably would have gone ahead and gotten the shot. Government mandates breed distrust.

This is the party of caring and love???

Even if you could prove it’s having positive effects, which you can’t, Senator Lee said, “It’s still wrong, it’s still immoral, it’s still illegal, and it’s wildly unconstitutional.”

Sen. Lee doesn’t think the Supreme Court will uphold the private employer mandate or the domestic travel ban. It’s the worst executive overreach since Harry Truman seized all the steel mills, he explained.


Laura Ingraham asked Professor Turley on her show last night for his perspective. He called it “a remarkably bad run” with “notable losses” in different areas, including the OSHA ruling. The Court did not see any clear authority for the executive to do what they did.

Ron Klain, the Chief of Staff, even called the OSHA ruling a “workaround.” Courts don’t buy that.

Courts are red-flagging the efforts by the Biden commies to overreach.

The administration made it clear they are annoyed by the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.

The only one who okayed the CDC eviction moratorium was (whacked-out leftist) Laurence Tribe and he said that by the time the Court gets around to striking it down, they will already have gotten a lot of money out the door. That’s disgusting, but it’s par for the course.

Biden even said he was told it was illegal.

These failures are setting precedents and Turley calls it “reckless.”


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