$50 million in offshore dark money funding left-wing voter drives


CPAF flew under the radar even as it spent millions of dollars from anonymous overseas donors on campaigns to boost Democratic registration and voting in highly-targeted neighborhoods in the 2018 and 2020 campaigns, The Epoch Times reported.

They are trying to turn all red cities and states blue and they’re offshore and anonymous.

More from The Epoch Times:

The CPAF story illustrates how hundreds of billions of anonymous dollars have been poured into a galaxy of liberal Democratic causes and campaigns in recent years via nominally non-partisan philanthropic foundations and advocacy groups.

“CPAF is best described as a $50 million secretive conduit for moving Atlantic Philanthropy’s foreign ‘dark money’ dollars into U.S. left-wing infrastructure groups doing Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and voter registration campaigns that help Democrats,” Ludwig said.

Atlantic Philanthropy is an offshore complex of closely related foundations based in Bermuda and established by American entrepreneur Chuck Feeney, who made his fortune with the Duty Free Shoppers line of retail stores. Atlantic received $1.6 billion when Feeney sold his interest in the stores in 1997.

Atlantic Philanthropy channeled nearly $50 million to CPAF in 2015 via Atlantic Advocacy Fund, one of its associated groups. McConnell was Atlantic’s U.S. Director before starting CPAF. The group also received funds from other liberal Democratic sources, including $367,000 from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The plan from the outset was that CPAF—a “limited life initiative”—would complete its mission in time for the 2020 presidential election.

“Due to technicalities of American foundation law, since it is organized offshore, Atlantic Philanthropies is permitted to fund 501(c)(4) advocacy activities, which American-based foundations cannot,” according to CRC’s Influence Watch. Names of individual donors behind funding sources remain anonymous.

They used phony philanthropies to wield their partisan efforts.

They are going after minorities:

“The 2018 projections estimate that the program would generate nearly one million new ‘non-white’ votes; 293,000 from African-Americans and 520,000 from Hispanic-Americans. The 2020 projections … anticipate more than doubling the 2018 numbers to an estimated 2.4 million new votes,” Thayer wrote.

The CPAF plan could change election results and the resulting increase in Democrats elected would open up the spigots of federal tax dollars for liberal policy causes.

They are affecting races in Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and elsewhere. In Arizona, they likely swung the narrow election for Arizona’s Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema over Martha McSally in 2018.


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