Curious! Anti-Biden witness Tony Bobulinski is tweeting


Tony Bobulinski, a witness to Hunter Biden’s deals with the Chinese energy company, is tweeting. He can’t give details on the case, according to his lawyer, but one thing he said was particularly interesting. He said there is another Hunter laptop in another computer repair shop. “Wait until they find that,” he said tantalizing voyeurs of real-life conspiracies.

He linked to a WSJ story that mentioned the presser with him organized by the Trump campaign in which he alleged that Joe Biden was part of discussions around his son’s efforts to form an investment venture with a Chinese oil company.

The Biden campaign denied Joe Biden had any involvement in the venture or stood to gain by it.

One of the tweets by Obama’s guy, Tommy Vietor claims it has been disproven by a Fox News correspondent [only it wasn’t]:

Both Tim Pool and Arthur Schwartz debunked that lie. It seems the Fox News correspondent has poor reading comprehension skills;

None of this is enlightening at this point, but we are eager to see the other laptop. It’s also a concern that the deep state is trying to silence him if what he says is true.

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