50% of Working NYC Residents Need Government Help to Survive


The latest findings of a new survey on the cost of living in New York City show that 50% of working-age New Yorkers struggle to cover the costs, and roughly three million New Yorkers struggle to afford healthy food. Half need government assistance to survive.

According to a recent survey, half of the five boroughs’ residents struggle to make ends meet, and the middle class is fleeing New York City.

The report “The True Cost of Living,” released Tuesday, shows that half of all families in New York City lack enough income to survive without assistance from the government, family, or community.

It sounds deliberate -doesn’t it? Socialists and communists want everyone dependent on the government so they can put their Life of Julia dream into force.

Childcare costs have become problematic for middle-class New Yorkers. For example, one mother says she pays almost $2,700 a month for daycare – which can be staggering when factoring in rent and all the rest.

According to the report, costs have increased 131% while median earnings have increased 71%.

The entire state is losing people because it’s unaffordable.

New Yorkers pay more taxes than anywhere else and have to fight criminals and ride aged, dangerous subways while living in a crummy apartment.

Incompetent Gov. Hochul has a housing plan to make it worse.

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