Catherine Herridge’s Damning Testimony About CBS News


CBS has become a state-run media outlet, as are most news outlets.

Catherine Herridge, who extensively investigated the Hunter Biden case, was locked out of her building and her files seized. She said she was working on government corruption at the time.

“CBS News’ decision to seize my reporting records crossed a red line that I believe should never be crossed by any media organization.”

“Multiple sources said they were concerned that by working with me to expose government corruption and misconduct, they would be identified and exposed.”

“CBS News locked me out of the building and seized hundreds of pages of my reporting files, including confidential source information.”

Sharyl Attkisson also dealt with intimidation.

After reading about the corruption of NPR, we shouldn’t be surprised. We need more whistleblowers to expose this if we ever hope to see change if the change is even possible.

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