Gov. Hochul Presents a NYC Housing Bill from Hell


Gov. Kathy Hochul is ready with her housing plan for an overcrowded city in need of living space. Unfortunately, Hochul has caved to the extremely far left on key parts of the Good Cause Eviction Bill.

The plan includes building new housing and refurbishing the old. Some of the housing will be high-density housing. Those are the tall monstrosities that NIMBYS will reject outright.

The plan includes refurbishing empty office buildings, which means they don’t expect businesses back. They won’t be able to come back. New York City was built for business and investment, and it is what once made it a great city.

It will now have a lot more low-income housing.

Hochul wanted the hardcore far-left to support this mess so she is going along with an extremely far-left and destructive clause that will ruin the city.

The Good Clause Eviction Bill Is Unbelievably Disastrous

The inappropriately named Good Cause Eviction Bill was sponsored by the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA), a party to the left of the Communist Party USA.

The bill will place caps on how high rent can go without considering increased management costs or higher demand. It would also make it extremely hard, much harder, to evict people who are not paying their rent. Who would invest? It’s definitely anti-capitalism.

“Good Cause” would expand rent control — which has wreaked utter havoc on Gotham’s housing market — to every rental unit in the state.

Even high-priced luxury units sought by the well-off, who can afford hikes, would face caps, NY Post reports.

According to the NY Post, the bill would also make it nearly impossible to evict tenants and require leases to be automatically renewed, no matter what, for all apartments—not just regulated ones.

It’s so destructive, insane, and crazy that the leftist legislature hasn’t passed it despite five years of pressure from progressives.


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