50 Robbers Loot LA AutoZone During a Street Takeover


About fifty looters broke into an AutoZone and ransacked tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. One person was taken into custody. This is Gov. Newson’s California.

This is the Democrats’ idea of handling crime—the looting took place during a street takeover.

Democrats don’t want imprisonment for criminals, Republicans sure, but not criminals.


According to the Los Angeles Police Department, witnesses reported about 50 people breaking into the store.

Cellphone video from the scene shows the large group pulling back the security fencing in front of the store’s entrance before they shoved their way in. Others entered through a side entrance. Police say at least one person was seen breaking a window. …

Some of the individuals appeared to be juveniles and were seen walking away with various car parts in their hands.

After officers responded to the store, a short chase ensued, and at least one person was taken into custody for burglary after it ended in El Segundo.

It’s unclear how much was taken from the store, but the video from the scene shows significant damage inside.

No injuries were reported, so, it’s a success for LA.

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