Biden to Give Some Illegals Legal Status, Perhaps a Path to Citizenship


Joe Biden is planning to give temporary work permits and legal status to some of the illegals present in the US. He wants to give them “parole in place” and allow them to get permanent legal status even if they came illegally. He would give it to illegals married to US citizens. it would likely lead to a path to citizenship.

Biden and his Marxist advisors behind the scenes have been breaking the law since he became president. Why is he getting away with it? He should be impeached immediately.

CBS News reports it would potentially give American citizenship to perhaps a million more illegal aliens. That would be a million more Democrat votes. That’s a very, very low estimate, and they’re inviting more marriage immigration fraud.

This is a cynical move to get their permanent electoral majority.

The presidential election boils down to a few states, and the elections are close in those states. These people pouring in more than give authoritarian Democrats the Oval Office in perpetuity.

CBS said the news came from five people familiar with the internal discussions.

The Plan

“The plan under consideration by the White House would give work permits and deportation protections to certain unauthorized immigrants through the immigration parole authority, as long as they have spouses who are American citizens, the sources said. The policy, known as “parole in place,” could also make beneficiaries eligible for permanent U.S. residency and eventually even citizenship, by helping them clear hurdles in U.S. law,” CBS News reports.

The plan, the sources said, would likely benefit longtime undocumented immigrants who have been living in the U.S. for years, if not decades — not recent arrivals.

The White House Statement

In a statement to CBS News, White House spokesperson Angelo Hernandez Fernandez said officials “continue to explore a series of policy options. And we remain committed to taking action to address our broken immigration system.”

Options?  There’s more coming?

This is infuriating; the immigration system isn’t broken. Democrats just keep breaking the law to give themselves sole power over the government. They don’t care if cartels, terrorists, mentally ill, petty criminals pour in. Democrats just don’t care.

Biden is a dictator acting unilaterally.

CBS claimed there are only 11 million illegal aliens in the country, who they call the “unauthorized undocumented” population.

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