5,000 aliens now enter the USA illegally each day and are NOT deported


Former Chief Operating Officer and acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan, was on Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday and said that the number of illegals crossing is now up to 5,000 apprehensions each day. They are not being deported.

Hannity asked if there is a crisis at the border. Morgan responded that the new DHS secretary “blatantly lied” when he said there is no crisis at the border.

Hannity added that Newsom will spend $25 million to bring illegals into the country.

According to Morgan, we are now incentivizing and facilitating illegal immigration. These migrants travel in large groups, COV Petri dishes, traveling through the hot deserts, then they spend days in overcrowded stash houses, tractor-trailers, for days and weeks, no PPE, then they are shoved across our border.

This is what the administration is doing. “It’s unconscionable,” Morgan said.

The U.S. will now pay for their healthcare and offer other incentives to people willfully entering our country illegally, Hannity noted. To which Morgan added, not only did the administration dismantle every border protection, the administration “asked the cartels to not come yet.”

Everyone knows Biden’s open borders allows increased sex trafficking and, thanks to him, more drugs are pouring in. Biden and friends have blood on their hands to use the Left’s standards.  Cartels are in complete control of the border and the money they make is due to their partnership with Biden and the Democratic Party.

Watch (Morgan comes in at 2:00):



  1. What group is printing up the signs? Lil’ Georgie Sorrows INC? (rhetorical)
    Pretty please can we come in Uncle Joe. Riiighhht.
    $25 million can probably be tripled or quadrupled but muh Fundamental Transformation has to go on.
    The cartels don’t come yet? Too late.

    O/T-Red State has increased police patrols on all roads and highways including subdivision, there is a public school on the block and it has been in session since the beginning of the CCP Plandemic.
    They might be on the look out for those scary backwoods militia types. (Oh Noes!)

  2. If the Government refuses to enforce a Prime Directive like Securing the Nation’s Borders than the Government should be replaced. Many suggest that Texas should secede for the Union, I say the Heartland should unite as the United States of America and throw the Communist States out of the Union. I was for President Trump starting a new Party, but I think he is right, unite against the RINOs and throw the RINOs out. Americans who aren’t willing to take their States back from the Communist who have taken over their local and state Governments don’t deserve to live in the United States of America. Let them have their Big Blue Communist Hell Holes. I’ve been to Communist Countries and seen Communism first hand, only an insane person who desires no more than a common household pet or a domesticated farm animal would accept Communism.

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