Newsom’s warped 2-tier ed, housing, business re-opening & wear 2 masks


Last night, while watching TV, I got to see an ad by a company that makes one mask which is actually three masks in one. Each mask within the mask does something different. Whether it lets you breathe is another issue. Actually, Governor Newsom of California has his own ideas about wearing two masks.

The utterly tone-deaf Gavin Newsom, who is facing possible impeachment, told Californians to wear two masks in public.

While states like Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Florida, and others are opening up, the tyrannical governor is telling the residents of his state to double up.

These are the new state health guidelines for cloth masks.

“We are encouraging people basically to double down on mask-wearing, particularly in light of all what I would argue is bad information coming from at least four states in this country. We will not be walking down their path, we’re mindful of your health and our future,” Newsom said, according to the Sacramento Bee.


Newsom also has a vaccine equity metric in business reopening plans, and he’s changing it again.

“On Wednesday evening, Newsom administration officials unveiled a new plan to ensure vaccines reach California’s most disadvantaged communities and speed up economic reopening, which drew praise for its focus on equity but criticism for making yet another change to the state’s reopening rules,” the Sacramento Bee reported.

“Under the new plan, the state will target 40% of its vaccine doses to its most disadvantaged neighborhoods, those in the bottom quartile of the “Healthy Places Index,” a measure of poverty and other factors including residents’ housing status and education level.”

If you are healthy and elderly, you’re in trouble.

He is also reopening businesses, schools, and providing housing based on race.

The Bee continued, “The move will be significant for the state’s economy because the color-coded tier system determines what types of businesses can be open and what restrictions they must follow. It also dictates school reopenings.”


The claim that it’s based on need is false. Equity, as opposed to equality, is racial and racist.

The people most in danger and the ones who spread it the most are the elderly. Of course, they should be among those getting the shots first.

He is choosing winners and losers in business, education, and housing. That is communism.

Wearing a mask is a good idea. How can it hurt? However, some governors have easily and wantonly become tyrannical. Helping the underprivileged is important, but we shouldn’t defy all logic, science, and fairness to do it.

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2 years ago

I seriously wonder about the people of California. Why would they vote for a Dyslexic Person from San Francisco for Governor? Or did they? I think the Democrat Political Machine has had control of elections, and I mean the ballot boxes themselves, for over 50 years. It all started with Mail-in Ballots back in the 1960s. Mail-in Ballots has been the preferred method by which Democrats steal elections. It makes verification of the voter much harder, if not impossible.