519,682 Will Save America



519,682 Will Save America

by David S. Kelley for TreeOfLiberty.us

I apologize for the delay in my writings. Too many subjects and too many injustices to comment on at one time.

Things never go back to the way they were. Nowhere in history has that ever happened. So it stands reasonable to believe the United States of America will never go back to its founding principles and the true rule of law for liberty as originally designed for her citizens.

So that brings me to think again about our future. A future as an American is going to be much different than the past history of Americans. The word “American” is going to represent a time in western civilization that was borne of evil and horrible crimes against mankind, no different than “Nazi” is described in today’s mindset due to Hitler’s Germany through WWII.

Every leadership of power has to have an enemy for its people to rally against, so the people do not rally against the power of leadership. Right now in America, the 80+ million voters for President Donald Trump are the enemy to the power of leadership. Domestic terrorists we are labeled. Curious that they would call us that because we have not begun any action against the leadership of power – yet. But they know it is coming and they are trying to get ahead of the propaganda war that is developing between truth and power.

Think about how long our representatives have been selling us out. Democrats have embraced the socialist agenda and republicans have hidden behind the facade of supporting the Constitution while systematically destroying the Republic, term after term, regardless of who sits at the Resolute desk within the oval office.

We have only two political parties left in the American system. Us and Them. That is it. You either accept the lying, cheating and stealing of everything (including your soul) or you are a domestic terrorist. The election of 2020 and the two impeachments of President Donald Trump prove my point.

The shadow government of Joe Biden that is directing all policies and Executive Orders is deliberately weakening our ability to control our future.

The 100 year marathon (1949-2049) that the chinese have embarked upon is in its final stages of completion. World dominance without a shot fired. Americans do not have a five year plan for their own lives let alone an understanding of a 100 year master (battle) plan for world dominance. Our arrogance and ignorance are on full display for the world to see –  that we are losing.

The chinese have access to almost every computer in the world, as does the United States intelligence who is (has been) actively working against Americans, and now the chinese will make and distribute virtually all of the 5/6/7G components for our (world’s) electric grid and telecommunication services.

Our infrastructure is not only currently compromised, but will only become structurally fortified by future chinese components. When the time comes, China switches the built-in self-destruct of all circuits and motherboards, shutting off electrical service across the United States, all at once. Better than an EMP strike. No power, water, computers, missiles, radios, gas pumps…90% of the American population will die in the first 12 months. But our wind and solar projects will save us all through this faceless invasion.

China will then have the ability to make the land of America, rich in resources, a supplier of needs for the CCP without ever having to confront the enemy face-to-face, or destroy the resources they need for the future.

The chinese government holds the most gold and silver reserves in the world. Why? Because it is the only “sound” money of value. What is needed when the fiat (paper) market collapses upon itself? Sound money. Gold and silver have fulfilled that definition for over 5,000 years now.

So what can We do in my opinion?

The only possible chance We have against Them without bloodshed is this:

There 519,682 elected politicians throughout the United States. You cannot elect anyone along democrat/republican party lines anymore. You have to step up and help every true Patriot that is willing to lead honorably, do so. You know who these Patriots are in your neighborhood. Action on this front is not negotiable. You have to be involved and push the honorable to not only lead, but help (Us) win against our opponent (Them).

They cannot win on the national level without the support of the states at the local level. We have to control the legislative seats at our local and state level.

We (the People) have to take over our government in order to change our government from the evil darkness of today to the light of righteousness tomorrow. We might have one shot left in the 2022 voting cycle to save and rescue the ideas of an America with morals and values, guided by Providence.

If we do not succeed, nothing, including civil war, will ever bring any semblance of the United States of America to the world except within the history books of time, maybe. We will have lost the greatest gift man has given to his fellow man – freedom – on our watch, dishonoring every Patriot who fought before us.

God Bless America!

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9 months ago

I voted in a primary this morning. Not one vote was for an incumbent. Short of Civil War that’s our only hope! NEVER vote for an incumbent unless they are very, very good.

mostly grey
mostly grey
9 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Flush the lot of em. Only about a single handful are worthy or retaining their seats in both houses, and none in the rest of gommermint. Especially the Judicial branch and justice dept. And double that for the executive branch.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

I share your pessimism. Since we lost the support of all 3 branches of government and law enforcement, there are no options.

9 months ago

I honestly cannot wrap my head around this #voteharder mentality. The voting system in this country has been rigged for over half a century…want proof, look at career longevity in Congress, some of those clowns have been in office 20, 30, 40 even 50+ years…NOBODY wins that many popularity contests in a row, spanning several familial generations, WITHOUT rigging the election system in their favor. Voting isn’t going to change anything at any level. Politicians who do not sell their soul within a specified time frame upon initially taking office, are removed in the next SELECTION cycle…because that is EXACTLY what we have…a SELECTION cycle heavily rigged in favor of those they want to rub elbows with and welcome into the fold…all others are outcast.