Tragic Story of Surviving Uvalde Teacher


Watch the tragic story of a surviving teacher who was shot several times the day of the massacre in Uvalde at Robb Elementary School. He’s recovering but 11 of his students were slaughtered. Mr. Reyes said he will not let these children and his co-workers die in vain.

The teacher said the police were cowards as they did nothing for 77 minutes. He is surviving but he’s lost so much.

We don’t know if the police were cowards or under the orders of an incompetent commander.

Two beloved teachers and 19 precious children – gone in 77 minutes.


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7 months ago

In the military, you can be court-martialed for following an illegal order. When a Cop follows an illegal order he should be open to personal liability and the Police Chief criminal liability. Same for DA’s who abuse prosecutorial discretion and Judges who give ridiculously light sentences. I actually think the Jury should prescribe the punishment, not a Judge.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 months ago

The police are cowards, the commander was not on the scene. Acitve shooter procedure was not followed. They have given numerous lies since, showing they are hiding. The Border Patrol action exposes the cowardice of the police. I could not accept anyone involved in the cowardice as my friend or neighbor ever again.