5x felon beats 10 people with a bat, hijacks cars, doesn’t go to jail


Criminal Bryan Thompson beat ten people with a bat in New York City and hijacked two cars, reports New York Daily News. The 43-year-old felon from Atlantic City terrorized Tribeca and caused serious injuries, but instead of going to prison, he went to Bellevue.

A man was entering the station when Thompson allegedly knocked him unconscious after repeatedly hitting the victim with a bat. The victim suffered injuries to his shoulder, hand, and forehead, the newspaper reported.

After that, he attacked a woman and an MTA worker. He beat a 39-year-old MTA worker as ran up the stairs.

Then he attacked a 37-year-old in his parked car. The driver ran off, Thompson grabbed the car and then crashed it into parked cars.

Then he broke into another car and tried to pull a woman out of the driver’s seat. He went after another woman in a car. One woman got glass in her eye.

He broke the windows, couldn’t get into the car so he went off and attacked a 42-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman with his bat.

While walking on West Broadway, Thompson allegedly broke the forearm of one victim and another suffered bruising and swollen leg.

Thompson found a 33-year-old man in a jeep.

He struck the vehicle with his bat and the man bailed out and ran off. Thompson took the Jeep and started driving, cops said.

All of his victims were left bleeding and dazed.

Cops were finally able to nab him, and he was sent off to Bellevue instead of prison.

“He’s been charged with all these incidents, but obviously they have to send him in for a psych evaluation first,” a source said.

Why? He’s black, that’s why.

He is a criminal with several priors in New Jersey. To be exact, he has five felonies.


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3 years ago

Course he didn’t go to jail, the jail was full, waiting on Proud Boys to lock-up for damaging BurnLootMurder banners.


3 years ago

This violent criminal will be let off with the minimum punishment possible–IF they bother to punish him. And the clowns who live in NYC (including his victims) will all elect ANOTHER Democrat mayor. You can’t make it up…

The Warriors 1979
The Warriors 1979
3 years ago

Isn’t that where comrade lil’ Bobbie Deniro has a restaurant and film festival?
The liberation theology baseballer better be careful as that is getting too close to shitlib territory and they will cry to the poleeces. Oh wait…they don’t need police in utopia as all comrades behave for the good of the collective.
Watched encore presentation of Escape From NY (1981) the other night and it has aged well.
You did build that comrade kommissar DeBlasio.

3 years ago

If you are black then you earn a get out of jail free card