Obnoxious AP fact checks Jovan Pulitzer’s gif


Jovan Pulitzer, the inventor of the QR code, has become a player in the potentially fraudulent election in November. Using science and probabilities, he has brought up serious questions about the fraud in the election that do require answers.

He and his team are now under attack, literally physically.

On Sunday, he tweeted about an attack on the home of one of his team members in Atlanta. He tweeted, “One team member’s home took 5 shots through the windows in a drive-by. Right through his daughter’s bedroom window.” Along with that, Pulitzer included an obviously stock clip.

The clip:

The far-left Associated Press news service jumped on it and claimed he failed the fact check over the gif-like clip. They totally ignored the attack on his team member with a bullet through a girl’s bedroom window except to suggest he made it up.

The obnoxious AP wants to know who the victim was and if he can prove it. Pulitzer looped in his attorney because releasing victims’ names can be dangerous.

The AP should work this hard in uncovering corruption from the left. We would like to see them investigate Chinese spies in Dianne Feinstein’s office and in Eric Swalwell’s bed.

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Tilford McEeevers
Tilford McEeevers
3 years ago

They can fact check a GIF but Boris and Natasha and the pee pee suite is accepted as gospel?
What a bunch of assclowns, the laughingstock of the world, they don’t even fool themselves anymore.
The leg tingles are all gone and the hopey changey swag is in the dumpster.
A driveby? Boy that escalated quickly. The comrades thought they had it all wrapped up with the perfect plandemic so why resort to gunplay?
A soft weak society that fears violence is totally OK with state violence or aggression against deplorable kulak untermenschen?
That’s not how that works and we fight back…well some do anyway.

O/T-saw the graffiti outside the dacha of comrade kommissar CCP Mitch MC and it said…let the kids eat Mitch’s neck meat for the belly laugh of the day!