$6 a Gallon Gas Coming Our Way in Time for Winter


Glenn Beck believes $6 a gallon gas is coming to America if Biden keeps destroying the oil and gas industry. We say he is underestimating it.

It’s another hidden tax on the middle class.

I’m old enough to remember when Donald Trump made us energy independent. We were selling fuel to other countries.

Saudi Arabia isn’t selling oil to us, even after Biden begged. Democrats will run into trouble over this come election time. But they will cheat, and Zuckerberg, Soros, others will pour hundreds of millions into politicians who will destroy this country.

Watch this short clip. It’s absolutely accurate. Biden is going to next vilify businesses that sell energy. The administration is already convincing investors to not invest in oil and gas. This is Hugo Chavez in the USA.

It is also part of The Great Reset, says Beck.


Psaki, the White House press secretary, is lying about it:

This falls directly on BIDEN. It’s the plan.

The French have some clever ideas:



  1. Let them eat manure!
    Diesel is $4 a gallon which is more concerning than the gas.
    New groceries are going up but it is being built by Booger’s Construction (union) and takes a minute before all the palms can be greased and kush easy peasy working conditions established for top dollar.
    Getting things done will take longer in a biomedical security state.
    Look on the bright side, no bad orange tweets or muh Russia Boris and Natasha! (sarc)

    • Wait for the rise in Home Heating Oil…have a happy winter courtesy the Demoncrapicshariachicomrinos, their machine, mail in and cemetery votes…oh and the cowardly SCOTUS…

  2. The economy can’t support $4 gallon.

    The ordinary and average in this country earn $32,500 annually (a lot earn less), and they’ve been maxed out on their credit for decades. Jobs destroying governments, Federal, State, and Local, will most certainly end whatever was left of this country.

    Piss on their graves.

    • $6 a gallon ..it can’t happen here..can it??..Santa Monica CA..$5.15 (15 cent increase in two weeks!) and climbing

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