YouTube Suspends Crowder for Report on Bio-Men Raping Women in Prison


Comedian Steven Crowder was suspended from YouTube for reporting on legitimate cases of prison rapes where biological men are housed with women. This is another case of sacrificing women for ideology. Yet, these leftists claim they care about women.

The Left doesn’t like his comedic tone.

YouTube claims he broke the hate speech rules and will be suspended for a week. Apparently, the truth is hate speech.

He now has a hard strike against him (only 3 are allowed). YouTube claims the Sept. 30 video uploaded to Crowder’s channel “targets the transgender community in an offensive manner.” They claim he has repeatedly targeted the LGBT community.

Mr. Crowder explained that in one case, a woman was forced to share a cell with a biological male. She became pregnant.

A post on Crowder’s website explained what was in the video:

“During the September 30 show, we discussed a news article entitled Female inmate now pregnant after California pro-trans policy forces women’s prisons to house biological men despite prisoners’ pleas, warnings: report, and there was a short comedy sketch after that. The news article was a report on female prisoners becoming impregnated when they were forced to share cells with biological men.”

As Mr. Crowder says in the next tweet, “All parents should take note. If you believe in the insane notion of biological sex, you will be silenced.”

Two clips:

This is pure evil. In an effort to protect people who say they are transgender, the Left is willing to seriously harm women. These leftists are crazy and we must fight this. The same thing happened in Loudoun County. A boy — claiming to be a gender-fluid — raped two young girls. The school administration lied about the rapes and did not report the first rape. That led to the biological boy raping the second child.

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Sarcastic Always
Sarcastic Always
2 years ago

You mean they pose as trans to get near the wymyns for undocumented sessy time?
No way, the drawing board in the faculty lounge and muh science didn’t show that possibility.
Are you sure it’s not the Mystery Babylon Be? (sarc)