6 California Democrats Won’t Stand Up for Trafficked Children


Some California Democrats are monsters. On Tuesday, six of these monsters killed a bipartisan bill to strengthen punishments for repeat traffickers of minors, continuing a years-long push to empty prisons.

The legislation, Senate Bill 14, would classify trafficking of children and teenagers younger than 18 years old as a severe felony on par with murder, arson, and rape. It would bring longer prison terms and potential life sentences without a chance for a plea bargain.

The six Democrats on the Assembly Public Safety Committee abstained from voting on the bill, preventing its advance for a vote by the full chamber.

Both Republicans voted yes, reports Free Beacon.

Washington Examiner reports:

When you sell children into slavery, you have no idea where in the world they could end up or what the extent of their exploitation will be. Victims may be raped several times a day for years on end, used for sadistic sex abuse material, forced into labor, or have their organs harvested against their will.

Starvation and beatings, sexually transmitted diseases, and forced abortions are also common in the lives of trafficked individuals.

Casting children into that criminal network authorizes whatever form of hell is unleashed on their life from that day onward.

California’s attorney general has admitted that the Golden State is already a hotspot in the United States for human trafficking compared to most states. If officials insist on avoiding the death penalty for criminals, they should at least be comfortable with locking up the worst people on the planet for life.

The six Democrats who refused to stand up for children are monsters. They are more concerned about the pedophiles who abuse children, putting them in a living Hell.

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