6 shot, 3 dead in Brooklyn, NY in one night, 2 killed last night as gangs & Antifa run wild


Six people were shot in one drive-by in New York City this past week, and three are dead. One witness said, “Like we’re living in Afghanistan. I told my husband it’s been a war zone. It’s crazy.”

The people were shot on the 24th and one was killed.

On Wednesday of this week, four people were shot, and two teens were killed. This violence goes no nightly. now

Don’t blame the police. Blame the politicians.

New York City murders are up by 33 percent and the number of victims shot has doubled. It’s considered unprecedented.

And it’s not gun violence at its core as the media describes it. It’s gang violence. Criminals have free rein.

Police believe the shootings are gang-related, while the search for suspects continues.

“It’s something that we’ve seen during the pandemic for the past couple of months. Every couple of weeks, there’s been a shooting around here… It has become the new normal, unfortunately,” one neighbor said last week.


The NYPD reports a 94% increase in shootings this year than last, including six over the last 24 hours.

Media reports that gun violence is out of control, but, in reality, criminals are out of control. Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio does not believe in law enforcement.

New York City is ruined. Between the overly-fascistic lockdown and the communist mayor’s love of ‘protesters,’ namely Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the city is dangerous and has nothing to offer.

It’s a ghost town except for the violence at night. Criminals run amok under the guise of protesting.

Communist-anarchist Black Bloc runs loose on the streets with no accountability. They used graffiti to send their message, “class war,” and “death to American,” something the Ayatollah would say. The media won’t report it.

The violent ‘protests’ in New York City were allegedly over the justified shooting of a criminal in Philadelphia named Walter Wallace Jr.

Dozens of protesters [rioters] were arrested Tuesday night in Brooklyn after hundreds took to the streets. There was damage to property downtown also.

Police vehicles were damaged during the ‘unrest,’ as Fox News put it. [They were riots.]  Trash cans and an American flag were set on fire, according to videos posted online.

Traffic was diverted.


Correction: The first article linked was from several days past, but this happens every night now. More information about the violence has been added . NYC is becoming Portland.

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