Top candidate for Portland mayor tweeted write-in ballot for communist dictators


According to the latest polls, Sarah Iannarone, the Antifa mayoral candidate, is effectively tied in the race with the current mayor Ted Wheeler.

Last Friday, Mayor Ted Wheeler’s campaign released a statement taking challenger Sarah Iannarone to task for “writing in violent despots like Ho Chi Minh and Joseph Stalin on her 2016 ballot.” From May 1, 2016, the tweet also includes write-in votes for Mao Zedong, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Lenin, plus others.

They are communists responsible for millions of death. It’s an inevitable consequence of communism/socialism.

She said it wasn’t her ballot. Her spokesperson said Inannarone “posted the ballots of many of her supporters who sent them in after voting for her.”

When she posted that tweet at 9:44 p.m. that night, she added: “Quite possibly my favorite  [Angela Davis] “I voted this way” photo to date (tho I 😍 them all) #pdxmayor #forcetherunoff.”

Davis is a convicted murderer and activist communist who fled to Castro’s Cuba.

Back and Forth Between Two Loons

Wheeler’s campaign manager said it doesn’t matter if it’s her ballot or not. The message would be the same.

Her campaign said it’s a scare tactic to make progressive women seem radical.

Oh no, who would think that. She’s obviously touting dangerous communists who slaughtered millions of their own people. All’s well in Portland. We note that with some measure of sarcasm.

Here she is recently wearing her communist dictator skirt.

She makes Wheeler look good, and he’s not. Here’s Portland today:

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3 years ago

Can you imagine living there and having to choose between those two candidates?

Maurice Honkler
Maurice Honkler
3 years ago

The comrade is so cute. Three clown horn honks for her in the interest of equality.
I love that classic halloweenie cartoon showing three kids on the porch with one having an overflowing candy pumpkin and the homeowner answers saying to the one with the large bundle you have too much candy and must redistribute, the child’s thought cloud says…oh crap a liberal!