Twitter tells Andy Ngo that Pakistan demanded his tweet come down


Twitter informed reporter Andy Ngo, in the interest of transparency, that the Pakistani government sent a letter from a lawyer asking them to remove a video retweeted of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons being projected in a French City in tribute to beheaded school teacher Samuel Paty.

A Chechen refugee publicly beheaded Mr. Paty following a class on freedom of expression. He showed images from the magazine, which was targeted by radical Islamic terrorists in 2015.

Pakistan says it’s blasphemy against Islam, and it’s punishable by death.

Ngo also shared a screenshot of what he said was a screenshot from Twitter Legal, appearing to confirm that “In the interest of transparency, we are writing to inform you that Twitter has received a request from Pakistan regarding your Twitter account… that claims to the following content violate the law(s) of Pakistan.”

He also linked to the offensive tweet (below), which is still up on Twitter.

Michelle Malkin has also gotten those demands from Pakistan.

In 2015, 12 people were murdered at Charlie Hebdo by jihadists.

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