600-person party ends in terrifying shooting between two families


In the video below, you can see the terrifying moment partygoers run for their lives after gunmen opened fire injuring several during a 600-person party on Mother’s Day at a Texas park mostly used by Black people.

It seems like a coronavirus spread ready to happen.

About thirty rounds of gunfire were heard at Village Creek Park in Fort Worth on Sunday.
Two people were critically wounded and at least three others were injured at the 600-person party, according to Daily Mail. One NBC report said six were injured but none had life-threatening injuries.

“One Katy man armed with a handgun and another armed with a shotgun exchanged gunfire and “ended up striking a number of individuals,” Harris County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Joe Ambriz told reporters late Sunday. Four victims who were hit were female, one of whom is 5 years old. The men also struck each other, Ambriz said, as NBC reported.

Adrian Gallardo, who lived across the street, said he heard 10 to 15 shots fired.

It was started between two feuding families who are neighbors. There appears to be a longstanding feud between them.

No arrests have been made, but the final investigation will be turned over to the district attorney’s office, which will determine which charges to file.

Ambriz said deputies were still conducting interviews and reviewing video of the incident from a neighbor.


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