69% of cases dropped for Richmond riots of summer, 2020


Antifa Watch is doing what our leaders should be doing but won’t — exposing the Left. They are publishing gifs of mugshots someone sent them from Richmond, an Antifa hotspot, with research about the outcomes of the charges against them after they looted and rioted in Richmond during the summer of 2020. It seems 69% of the cases were dropped and 56% were dropped for felonies.

Richmond is now governed by Leftists.

Check out the research on this link.

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Cole Trickle vs. Ricky Bobby
Cole Trickle vs. Ricky Bobby
2 years ago

Antifa=CPUSA fellow travelers funded by the usual suspects and with a direct line to the resistance bunker in DC.
If the Craigslist rent-a-mob ads get discovered they’ll just find some other way to community organize.