Fox host takes on the BIG LIE and Biden who is incapable of telling us the truth


There is no systemic racism today and that is the BIG LIE (except what Democrats instill with Critical Race Theory). Did Biden believe the United States was “racist to its core” when he and Harris won the election? “Laura Ingraham asks. “Did he think the police department is a racist killing machine?”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are despicable racial arsonists and used the Derek Chauvin trial as a way to lie about our country. They bought into the BIG LIE.

Derek Chauvin was just a “stepping stone” to tearing down America. They have to convince all black Americans that whites and the police hate them and will never be fair to them.

The Left has decided the punishment for the BIG LIE must be wide-ranging. Every incident will be used to further the BIG LIE.

It is divisive and warps thinking, Ingraham says.

This is not about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin. It’s a “political revolution” and “the federalizing of all police in America.”

They have begun with the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act introduced by Kamala Harris and promoted by Joe Biden and his “systemic racism law.”

It would “mean no police,” eliminate qualified immunity for the police, deprive police of the equipment they need, and “set management and operational standards for the police.” In other words, “it would go big on cultural identity workshops” but not so big “on getting criminals off the streets.”

According to the National Review, the bill is “poisonous” and “Police departments seeking federal grants…must pledge to spend at least 5 percent of the funds they receive on studying and implementing programs like those that the NAAP (once a great organization, now communist), ACLU (communist from its origins), and the National Urban League devise.”

Ingraham’s theory is that the Left’s policies are so bad they have to come up with these lies. The race hustlers don’t go to Englewood, they go to where the cameras are.

Our country is fair and we pray for justice.

Americans of all races and creeds deserve the truth from their leaders, but Joe Biden has proven today that he is incapable of telling us the truth.




  1. If the truth was ever injected into this Potemkin system and society it would come to a grinding halt.
    Hussein ordered the Black Liberation Movement fellow traveler comrades to vote for Uncle Joe in order to burn it all down and there is no going back now.
    (S)elections have consequences.

  2. The biggest lie, one Laura shared, was that Biden won the election. Now, Laura profits off of whining about the left while telling us things we all know and knew long ago. Sorry, nothing Laura says anymore rings true to me. I saw recently she ridiculed Trump’s legal strategy to combat the election fraud, to his face.

  3. Actually there is systemic racism and sexism in America. Government Quotas puts White Men at the back of the line. Higher Education use Quotas to put Asians at the back of the line. Hispanics are not just given front of the line privilege, but don’t even have to get into line to come to America.

    Democrats since the 1830s have used racism and elitism to game the system for power. Why do people tolerate a Democrat, much less a Communist Socialist Liberal Democrat bent on the destruction of America?

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