6th week of ‘F* Joe Biden’ and it has gone universal


As anti-vaccine mandate protesters marched past the US embassy in Rome, they yelled out the new “let’s go Brandon’ chant. It’s gone universal.

To be fair, it seems the chant is slowing down, but he does have 81 million huge fans who allegedly voted for him.

Not everyone likes it:

Here’s another from school children:



  1. The people have spoken and rarely are they wrong, shove the Great Reset where the sun doesn’t shine because we are born free and will stay that way.
    No room for transhumanist globalisti and their slimy apparatchik nomenklatura minions.

  2. Everyone may be “effing” XiJoey…as if he cares…The corrupt MSM/Social media keeps the Covid Psych Ops “firewall” in place and he keeps sledge hammering away at the foundations of the Republic…by 2022, when everyone does WAKE UP, as opposed to the Zombie Apocalypse comatose “WOKE” condition, it WILL be much too late…

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