Timeline of The Great Reset, Remaking the World Into a 1984 Dystopia


There is an excellent timeline of The Great Reset at The Sociables. It’s very informative, complete with videos and links. The following is simply a brief overview of the timeline. It is worthwhile to look at the full article which traces it from The Great Reset’s foundation in 2014 – on, until its present incarnation.


It’s 2014 and a technocrat Nazi has an idea for a great reset of the world economy. It will work if the entire planet is in on it, Tim Hinchliffe, editor of The Sociables writes. A pandemic could make it happen.

2014 -2017 Convincing the World

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future,”  Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum (WEF) said.

It took Schwab and the Davos elite about six years to watch their great reset ideology grow from a tiny Swiss seed in 2014 to a European super-flower pollinating the entire globe in 2020.

The so-called “great reset” promises to build “a more secure, more equal, and more stable world” if everyone on the planet agrees to “act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.”

2018 -2019 Simulations

In May 2018, the WEF partnered with Johns Hopkins to simulate a fictitious pandemic titled “Clade X” to show how prepared the world would be in a pandemic. They did it again with Event 201 in October 2019.

They concluded the world wasn’t prepared for a global pandemic. Within months, a real pandemic was declared, one that China knew about months before.

The two scenarios included what is now real life:
  • Governments implementing lockdowns worldwide
  • The collapse of many industries
  • Growing mistrust between governments and citizens
  • A greater adoption of biometric surveillance technologies
  • Social media censorship in the name of combating misinformation
  • The desire to flood communication channels with “authoritative” sources
  • A global lack of personal protective equipment
  • The breakdown of international supply chains
  • Mass unemployment
  • Rioting in the streets

After the nightmare scenarios had fully materialized by mid-2020, the WEF founder declared “now is the time for a great reset” in June of this year.

Was it excellent forecasting, planning, and modeling on the part of the WEF and partners that Clade X and Event 201 turned out to be so prophetic, or something else?

2020: WEF declares ‘Now is the time for a great reset’

After calling for a great reset in 2014, the Davos crowd repeated the same ideology for a few more years before pivoting towards simulating faux pandemic scenarios.

A few months after the WEF established that nobody was prepared to deal with a coronavirus pandemic, the WHO declared there was a coronavirus pandemic.

All of a sudden! the great reset narrative that the WEF had been nurturing for six years, found a place to pitch its tent in the “new normal” camp.

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future,” Schwab declared on June 3, 2020.

And that’s where we’re at today, Hinchliffe writes:
  • The Davos elites said they wanted a global reset of the economy many years ago
  • They role-played what would happen if a pandemic were to occur
  • And now they’re saying that the great reset ideology is the solution to the pandemic, and it must be enacted quickly

The great reset is a means to an end.

According to Hinchcliffe: Next on the agenda is a complete makeover of society under a technocratic regime of unelected bureaucrats who want to dictate how the world is run from the top down, leveraging invasive technologies to track and trace your every move while censoring and silencing anyone who dares not comply.


Nazi-like Klaus is now predicting a cyber pandemic since he wants to ensure his idea of totalitarian world domination.

Look at the assault on peoples’ rights around the world and you will see proof of The Great Reset.

Even the manipulated global supply chain disruptions are suspect:

And a world at war with forced vaccinations.

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enn ess
enn ess
2 years ago

I’m not a told ya so sort-a-guy, but I’ve been warning people about this same crap for over 30 years now. Thats right, OVER 30 years. This info has been out there and the intent of the uber wealthy for world domination has been around longer than that, It’s only 30 year plus that I’ve known about it. Being the naive little twit I was. All they were waiting on was the right opportunity, all the while preparing in the background and putting in place the mechanisms to make it all work. Australia is the proving ground to refine their tactics. You could see this when they voted themselves to get rid of their individual defensive weapons. It’s been going downhill towards tyranny ever since, simply follow the progression. The springing upon the world of this plandemic was just that, Planned! All the events when followed to the source, point in this direction. If in doubt – Follow The Money – the trail tells no lies.

2 years ago

This is, of course, Obama’s third term. Biden is just a puppet. Obama said he would fundamentally change America, and he is now doing it through Biden. To fundamentally change, everything existing must be destroyed, and that is exactly what we are seeing. The cheaters “won,” and if we don’t wake up we are going to be in deep trouble. We are already no longer the land of the free.

2 years ago

I never thought that reading that book 50 years ago that it would ever be considered an actual playbook for how the left wants to run things now! I thought it was fiction…….Dummy me

No Room For Globalists
No Room For Globalists
2 years ago

Now you know why they must move quickly because people are starting to find out what really happened.
Comrade kommissar Schwab of SPECTRE fancies himself a god along with the other transhumanist RATS, they can eat road apples.

Global Warming Skeptic
Global Warming Skeptic
2 years ago

You will have nothing and you will be happy, says Herr Klaus.