7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Taiwan


A 7.4-magnitude earthquake, followed by several strong aftershocks, struck off the east coast of Taiwan on Wednesday morning, killing nine people and injuring at least 963, according to Taiwan’s fire department.

The earthquake, which damaged buildings and caused landslides, was the largest to hit Taiwan in 25 years. It was also felt in parts of China.

The earthquake hit about 15 miles south of Hualien County just before 8 a.m. local time. According to the Central Weather Administration, Taiwan recorded 76 aftershocks in less than five hours.

The fire department said rescuers worked to reach around 150 people who were trapped after dozens were found in need of evacuation at a mining site. Others were trapped by damage to buildings and roads.

A tsunami warning has been issued for Japan, and sea levels are already starting to drop.


I don’t know if the video is real, but the photo and information is:

This is on Reuters:

This is on WaPo:

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