7-year-old black girl was murdered in Chicago on Sunday – Where was Maxine Waters?


Just two days before the George Floyd murder verdict in Minneapolis, a little black girl was murdered in Chicago. She was shot six times!

While Maxine Waters was calling for violence nationwide if former police officer Derek Chauvin was found not guilty, this little girl was shot and killed in Chicago. What was Maxine Waters’ response? Crickets.

Another four black people in Chicago were killed the same weekend. In addition, 26 other people, including the little girl’s father, were shot.

In Baltimore on Saturday night, a 5-year-old boy was shot and wounded while sitting in his home. Three people were killed and six others in the city were shot. No visit from Maxine Waters.

That same weekend, one person was killed and five were shot in four separate shootings in Detroit. Maxine was AWOL.

New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Philadelphia. These are among the many American cities with large black populations that saw shootings and murders while the George Floyd murder trial was taking place in Minneapolis.

Where was Maxine Waters? Where were the riots? Who was calling for justice? Where was the anger over black people being shot and killed?

It’s more proof that George Floyd was nothing more than a useful tool for Democrats, BLM, Antifa, and other leftist organizations to foment violence. Sadly, the murder of little black children by black men does not further their agenda of blaming whites for all of their problems.

Do you even know the name of that little girl? She was Jaslyn Adams. More proof that black lives don’t matter. Not even innocent black children.

Image from: abc7chicago.com

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