Insanity! Dems make it almost impossible for presidents to issue travel bans


We have radicals in this country from foreign lands and a travel ban against certain terror nations makes good common sense, but not to Democrats.

Democrats might as well invite terrorists in. In fact, this is an invitation. We are catching some at the border. How many get through unnoticed?

The Supreme Court already dismissed the travel ban case brought against then-President Donald Trump.

Democrats do not care.




  1. It’s going to really suck when Red States start busing Illegal aliens to Big Blue Sanctuary Cities. The Governors should star with sending them ALL to Washington, DC. Traitor Joe was against busing in the 1970s, he’s really going to hate it now! The Constitution REQUIRES the Federal Government to protect the States from invasion.

  2. The number one issue with this country and goes back decades is immigration. The only country in the world to do this is the US. People can’t outrun this.

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