71% Unfavorables But Pelosi Republican Cheney Can Win


Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) formally launched her reelection bid on Thursday, seeking the Republican nomination for her seat for the fourth time amid rebukes from her own party after she became Nancy Pelosi’s henchman and toady.

Liz Cheney, the Democrat’s choice to turn WY blue.

“Some things have to matter,” Cheney said in her announcement video. “American freedom, the rule of law, our founding principles, the foundations of our republic matter. What we do in this election in Wyoming matters.”

“I’m asking for your vote because this is a fight we must win,” she said.

Her J6 committee is anti-American. Also, the people of Wyoming complain that she hasn’t been around much since J6.

Cheney betrayed her party but she knows she can win if Democrats switch parties in the primary to select her.


Cheney has plenty of money for her campaign but she’s very unpopular. However, she has one thing in her favor – Democrats.

The Wyoming primary is on August 16th, and it’s an open primary. Voters can switch parties on the day of the election.

Cheney’s supporters are courting Democrats.

Politico reports:

Wyoming political strategists say the only path to victory for Cheney is with the help of Democrats and independents. The state’s 2018 Republican primary for an open governor’s seat is instructive. Mark Gordon, the GOP state treasurer at the time, was facing stiff competition from the right. More than 10,000 voters switched parties or registered as Republicans for the first time between the primary and general elections.

Gordon won the primary by 9,000 votes against candidates that included Hageman. Turnout was 116,000 and Gordon received just shy of 39,000 votes.

While Cheney has yet to overtly court Democrats, her decision to aggressively investigate Trump as a leader of the select Jan. 6 House committee naturally appeals to voters who detest the former president.

Cheney allies are hopeful that crossover voters will bail her out this time. They are counting on a primary with at least two pro-Trump GOP candidates that will divide the anti-Cheney vote. With the help of even half of the 73,000 Democrats who voted for Biden in 2020, they believe Cheney could pull it off.

Trump, too, is worried that Democrats will help reelect Cheney. He backed a bill in the Wyoming legislature that would have barred voters from switching parties on the day of a primary election in order to vote for a candidate of another party. The bill failed.

It’s a three-way race and it could be enough of a spoiler to get her to victory. Harriet Hageman, and Republican state Sen. Anthony Bouchard are competing for Cheney’s seat. Bouchard is the spoiler taking votes from Hageman, and with Democrat support, Cheney could win.

The Trump-hating Cheney has abysmal poll numbers but she might win the primary.

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1 year ago

Electing a Democrat would be better than electing Liz Chaney. Trump should back an Independent America First Candidate in the General Election if Chaney wins the Primary. Who knows, an Independent America First Candidate might win!

1 year ago

LIZ CHENEY, SAYS, ” SOME THINGSHAVE TO MATTER” BUT the only things that matter to Liz Cheney is doing Satan-s, – her father- ‘ s will