Lavrov: “The West Has Declared Total War… Against the Entire Russian World”


Senior diplomat Sergey Lavrov spoke at a meeting of a Foreign Ministry council and warned “The West has declared total war… against the entire Russian world. The council includes all Russian heads as members.

Western nations “are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling their efforts to deter our nation. They use a wide array of tools, from unilateral economic sanctions to totally deceitful propaganda in the global media,” Lavrov said. He noted that “low-level Russophobia, which to our deepest regret is promoted by a number of governments, has risen to unprecedented levels.”

Biden and his comrades are either going to impoverish us or get us blown up.


“The West has declared total war against us, against the entire Russian world. Nobody even hides this fact now,” Lavrov stated.

Russia responded to the pressure by uniting “all healthy patriotic forces,” Lavrov said. He added there is a surge of public support for Russia’s foreign policy.

Lavrov also insisted that the crisis exposed the true nature of the promises given to Russia 30 years ago, after the collapse of the USSR. “We now see the value of all the talk about universal values and the need to turn Europe into a common home from the Atlantic to the Pacific.” No one should have illusions about the attitude of the US and its allies towards Russia, he added.

The US is trying to squeeze Russia out by growing NATO. Russia and China see NATO’s growth as an existential threat. Turkey, with its huge army, is moving towards the Kremlin and could leave NATO.

India could join an Asian alliance that leaves out the quickly-disintegrating West, shorn of food and energy.

We’re committing suicide. Romney is running around telling Americans to be prepared for nuclear war and Soros is demanding regime change in China and Russia.


The Sentinel does NOT support Putin and wants Ukraine to win although I do not trust Zelenskyy. Zelenskyy told us to not be afraid of nuclear war and keeps pushing sanctions that don’t work except to impoverish the West. He is also a WEF-Soros apparatchik who won’t negotiate as his people die. Clearly, he does not have our best interests or the world’s best interests at heart.

Additionally, we must not go to war with the fools we have in charge. We can’t afford it in any case. Our leaders are lying to us, I am sorry to say.

What is the point of totally isolating Russia forever? Why would we want that? That shouldn’t be the goal, should it?

Blinken, whose family is tight with the Soros family, is menacing China:

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