72% of Americans support voter ID


An AP/NORC poll found that 72% of Americans support voter ID. One must wonder what is wrong with the other 28%. Why wouldn’t everyone want the vote to be at least that secure?

Overall, 72% of Americans were in favor of voter ID, including most Republicans and a slim majority of Democrats.

Six in 10 Americans support automatic voter registration, including about three-quarters of Democrats and about half of Republicans.

Overall, 52% of Americans favor no-excuse voting by mail, one component of Democrats’ legislation. But the measure, like many on the poll, split partisans sharply. About three-quarters of Democrats were in favor, while about 6 in 10 Republicans were opposed.

Every American has the right to expect their vote will be protected.

Democrats have created an illusion.

Are voter IDs are racist? These elitists are ignorant. The Left created a myth so they can cheat.



  1. I don’t recall getting a vote on the twenty years long The War Against Terrorism with no way to pay for it?
    Maybe the democracy Kool-Aid has grown stale with too many takers and new jacks with their gimme gimme hands out?

  2. But no China Joe and the Marxists don’t want to go along with any poll that doesn’t agree with them so they can rig elections into infinity. F**k them and their gutless corporations who allow these socialist dregs intimidate them. The Democratic party is unamerican and anti-constitution.

  3. All IDs for any sort are racist and a sign of white privilege. Asking for an ID when buying booze, tobacco, guns or applying for welfare are just a few examples. I am who I say I am and that’s final. sar/off

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