Blackface Northam wants Virginians out of their cars and onto trains


Northam told CNN on Thursday, “we need to get people off the roads into other means of transportation.”

Virginia’s far-far-left Governor Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam wants you to get out of your car and travel by train.

Earlier this week, in an appearance with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Northam announced a $3.7 billion project “to expand and improve passenger, commuter, and freight rail in Virginia and create a vital connection in America’s national rail network between the Northeast and Southeast corridors.”

Another useless rail line no one will want to use.

Northam told CNN on Thursday, “we need to get people off the roads into other means of transportation.”

CNN’s John Avalon noted that “Americans love their cars,” and he raised the question of how much they will use rail lines.

“Well, first of all, John, it’s great to have a partner in Washington [senile Joe] that believes in infrastructure and transportation and really takes care of their words with actions,” Northam said, referring to President Biden’s American Jobs Plan.

Northam said Virginia has been working to expand its rail lines “for a number of years,” and he said, “it’s very important to our business community.”

“And so we made an announcement with Secretary Pete two days ago where we really opened up rail, expanded rail through a public/private relationship with Amtrak and CSX. There’s a bridge coming across the Potomac River called the long bridge, where all the rail traffic up and down the East Coast has to go. It’s a bottleneck. So we’re adding new tracks to that area. We’re separating freight from passenger rail. And, again, this will really open things up.

“And the reality is that, yes, people do love their cars, but we need to have other options. We can’t pour concrete out of our transportation problems. So we need to get people off the roads into other means of transportation. And this was a really exciting day for Virginia. And I think that our president sees rail as a priority is really going to help as well.”

Northam, in announcing his railroad plan on Tuesday, called it “an unprecedented opportunity to build a 21st-century rail system in Virginia and along the entire East Coast.”

Biden loves Amtrak, a big loser, but he’s pouring billions into it anyway. The California rail was also a huge disaster. People are very spread out and they want to drive. It’s cheaper and more convenient.

This is a ridiculous waste of time. Americans don’t want it but leftists decided we will have it anyway. They will decide what’s right and what you will like and need.

We have no money for this, but they don’t care.


California built the part of the rail project that was easiest, cheapest and had the least amount of obstacles, it was a portion of the track that went, literally, nowhere.

It was a useless piece of track in of itself which was meant to get the project started come hell or high water. It was done this way so government officials could then say to voters that it couldn’t be stopped after spending so much money.


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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

What was one of the most glaring reasons so many in NYC were infected with COVID? They overwhelmingly ride mass transit and to live and/or work in the city you have little choice but to ride mass transit. I’m not saying mass transit is inherently unhealthy, but you are more likely to “catch something” when people are jammed together inside a bus or train. Think about it.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

Another inept incompetent power hungry dictator who is a spawn of Marxism. The sheeple of VA put these a**holes in office now you reap what you sow.

2 years ago

I’m all for getting people out of airplanes and on trains. What would really be great is being able to drive your car onto a train travel across the country by sleeper car, then roll your car off at your destination. But look at all the rice bowls this would knock over, taxis, airlines, rental cars……… I love the bullet trains in Japan and the train system in Europe is great. Back in the 1990’s I took an epic journey from Singapore to Bangkok by train. If more people took trains across America, they might actually discovery how great America really is. I would be all in for a 2 Trillion Dollar “investment” in a National Train System, but only if President Trump was in charge of building it.

Think about it! With a proper train system on which you could also load your “Electric Car”, you now make electric cars practical. Power the trains by large Nuclear reactors and invest in a space program size Nuclear Fusion Project, and now we’re talking about going Green, but smart. The thing is Democrats can’t do things like this because they are Liberal Arts People, you need Engineers and all the good Engineers I know are Republicans.

Rainman Goes to Vegas
Rainman Goes to Vegas
2 years ago

Doesn’t choo choo Biden love him some trains? Hmm…so hmm.
Remember when he was the first honorary rider and the train crapped out? Bwahaha!
That was during the first term of Fundamental Transformation.
Maybe Joe will be the original rider on the NYC to Hawaii high speed rail but AOC has first dibs on conductor.