MLB just made a deal with the CCP as they move the all-star game


Woke a cola, Delta, and others, including the MLB won’t tell you why they take issue with the Georgia Election Integrity Act but they are certain it’s racist. The reason they haven’t is because of the disinformation campaign by Stacey Abrams and her Democrat allies.

There might be another reason as well. It makes you wonder how much they really care about civil rights when they’re getting into deals with the CCP.

Delta and Coke are in bed with the CCP and now we find out the MLB just made a deal with the “genocidal communist party of China.”

They really care about keeping voting loosey-goosey, but dead Uighurs are no problem for them. The CCP is cutting out the Uighur’s body parts, torturing them, raping their women, and using them as slaves. That’s apparently not a concern.


On Tuesday, the MLB announced a deal with China’s biggest tech company, Tencent, to stream 125 games this season. Tencent boasts more than 1 billion active users on its social media networks, CNN business reports.

The deal kicks off Wednesday with a game between the Cleveland Indians and the Los Angeles Angels.

MLB is just the latest league to expand its presence in China, joining similar efforts and partnerships made by the NBA, NFL, and NHL, which hope to tap into a potentially massive Chinese audience. The NBA, NFL, and NHL also have deals with Tencent.

“Tencent has continued to collaborate with the world’s top sports leagues securing broadcast rights for basketball, soccer, tennis, winter sports, football, and now baseball,” Tencent Vice President Caitlyn Chen said in a statement. “In recent years, baseball has developed rapidly in China, which wouldn’t happen without MLB’s dedicated promotion in China for over a decade.”

Tencent will also become the official partner of MLB Baseball Park, a baseball show that travels around China. The show already garners over 3.5 million fans annually. The tech company will also develop and host an MLB Fan Club in China.

Jen Psaki didn’t like the question on the issue:

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Postcards From the Sledge
Postcards From the Sledge
2 years ago

That Coca-Cola 1936 Berlin Swastika pic was of a keychain FOB (?) where it is in the shape of the Hakenkreuz with ice cold Coke five cents emblazoned on it and an Olympic logo.
Someone of woke zeal should look this up and remind the comrades of Coke about their heresy, after all there is no time limit on wokethink.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

They ain’t woke…the idiots are comatose and dreaming of a “black” Christmas…Bill Gates gets his way with Scopex(?), or whatever, that may become a reality…

2 years ago

Companies and Organizations like these should lose ALL tax incentives and even have to pay tariffs for their operations overseas. America Corporations should have to pay tax on ALL profits overseas and not be allowed to “park” money overseas. American Corporations should be required to move all their money through American Banks and not allowed to have Overseas “Savings” Accounts. We need to make manufacturing and services from overseas so expensive that Corporations will just move back to America. Employing a foreigner should cost twice as much as employing an American and employing an Illegal Alien should result in mandatory jail time. If you want to go overseas then go, but don’t expect to make a profit off of Americans anymore. America was a great country before Globalism Plundering and I blame Bill and Hillary Clinton for opening the doors to the Plundering of America. Since the Clinton Administration Democrats have been owned by the Chinese Communist Party and have pursued policies that are pro-China at the expense of the American People.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Obviously the CCP contributed a helluva lot to “Pay to Play”…

Bronko Nagurski Rides Again
Bronko Nagurski Rides Again
2 years ago

Ohh…I thought it was going to be about moving the exhibition snorefest insomnia cure all-star game to Beijing.
I liked baseball back in elementary school but ain’t nobody got time for that now.
This just in from Vlad-I’m taking Ukraine, WTF you gonna do about it? Bwahaha!
(S)elections have consequences and no one fears the faculty lounge fanatics.