80% of South Bend police are thinking about quitting


According to a survey put out by the South Bend Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #36 over the course of the past week, 80% of the 220 officers are thinking about resigning, the FOP said in a press release on Wednesday.

A whopping 78.84 percent of the officers who responded said that they have “considered resigning, retiring, transferring or otherwise leaving” the SBPD in the past six months.

“Today, the South Bend Police Department is already facing a double-digit officer shortage that’s threatening the department’s ability to operate effectively,” FOP President Harvey Mills said in the release.

“Our survey this week showed that a stunning 80% of current officers have recently considered resigning or transferring from the South Bend Police Department,” Mills wrote.

“If even 10% of those officers left the force it could cripple the department and lead to the elimination of units that investigate sexual assault and homicide.”

A staggering 79% of the officers described the department’s current morale as either “poor” or “as bad as it’s ever been,” according to the FOP.

The survey was taken after South Bend reversed a pay increase.

The SBPD acknowledged in a statement on Wednesday that officers are “struggling to find motivation,” WBND reported.

However, they renewed their commitment to protect and serve while in the position.

South Bend is a Democrat city. It breeds the likes of former mayor Pete. Democrats won’t have to worry about defunding police if they all quit.

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