80,000 people ‘checked-out Biden’ left behind? He even left service dogs


A reporter asked Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby about the roughly 80,000 SIVs (people who helped America) they left behind. Kirby said he couldn’t verify the number and sounded as uncaring and dense as usual.

General McKenzie wanted to get an early start and left these people at the gate. He wanted to please his “generous hosts” no doubt. We hear the Taliban are really nice to work with.

Women and girls left behind.

The ‘generous hosts’ are reportedly going around from house-to-house killing people.

We stuck it to our allies too.

Mission accomplished. Biden got out and made the world a lot worse.

A former special ops man had a plane and the service dogs. He was forced to release them. More cruelty from the party of love and caring.

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