81,000 Driver’s Licenses for Unvetted Illegal Aliens


Minnesota plans to give out 81,000 driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Democrats have done everything they can to make illegal aliens equal to citizens or better than citizens. The ultimate goal is to give them all amnesty so they vote for Democrats in perpetuity. We don’t even know who these people are, and we know some of them are terrorists and criminals. Some are deadbeats.

Democrats have taken away our borders, our sovereignty, and our rights as citizens.

“We’ll be able to start taking applications for driver’s licenses for all Minnesotans, including those who don’t have lawful presence in the United States,” said Pong Xiong, director of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services.

The Department of Public Safety said that it will not require proof of residence for the state IDs.

This is madness. The illegal aliens coming in don’t even have IDs in most cases and the ones they have could be forged. We use licenses as identification and to vote.  Maybe that’s the point?

They’re here illegally and Minnesota is aiding and abetting criminality.

It will make life easier for the cartels. These aliens will also take jobs from Americans as they have been.

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Save America
Save America
5 months ago

What’s the cost to taxpayers to capture this dangerous illegal? On the lam for 11 days and counting. Danelo Cavalcante tried to contact two former coworkers; escaped convict’s sister arrested by ICE

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
5 months ago

With the drivers’ licenses automatically comes voter registration due to the motor voter law that Bill Clinton and the Democrat controlled Congress passed in 1993. And anybody who thinks these criminal trespasser parasites will be honest and not register to vote is stupid.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
5 months ago
Reply to  Tim Kuehl

Democrats giving driver’s licenses to illegals so they can vote democrat, is a form of voting fraud.

For any leftist reading this and not seeing my point

, just try to imagine how you would feel if Trump was president and he told Russians 5 or 8 millions of them can come over, can cross the border into the USA, and he will give them all driver s licenses so they can vote republican.

or try to imagine if me as a Canadian citizen, just for crossing the border i was given the right to vote in USA elections.

Now you see how that would be voting fraud.