Biden Says Global Warming’s “More Frightenting Than a Nuclear War”


Joe Biden might well get us into World War III and nuclear war, and doesn’t seem terribly concerned about it. It’s probably because he thinks the real existential threat is global warming. During his speech at the end of the G20, right before he said “I’m gonna go to bed,” he said it.

The dementia patient 

“The only existential threat humanity faces — even more frightening than a nuclear war — is global warming going above 1.5° in the next 20, 10 years,” Biden said. “There’s no way back from that.”

Maybe he should stop flying around on his jet and helicopter every weekend to go home? He’s contributing to carbon emissions.

It’s absurd. He’s not a serious person, and he’s making the USA an unserious nation. This man is in charge of the nuclear codes.

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Trump Won
Trump Won
5 months ago

Bidum is the existential threat. And if the followers of the global warming hoax believe in global warming after this clown compares it to nuclear war, than I don’t know what to say. There’s nothing that could convince them it’s all a bunch of bull.

Victor Anderson
Victor Anderson
5 months ago

There’s N0 Way Back from even 100 nuclear strikes in atomic warfare either, F00L !