82% of Likely US Voters Are Concerned About Energy Prices, 60% – Very


Rasmussen has some interesting polls posted. One that I doubt you’d find surprising. Americans are worried about gas and oil prices – as they should be – someone tell Biden and his cronies. The Biden crushing of our energy sector comes at a great cost for no good other than a pie-in-the-sky Green New Deal. New York gas is at $4.59 for regular and over $6 for diesel. Home heating has gone through the roof. The price of durable goods is skyrocketing and still, our politicians refuse to unleash energy or limit spending.

New York and California are everyone’s future if Biden and his comrades have their way.

Oil and gas are vital for our foreseeable future.

In this poll, 82% of Likely U.S. Voters are concerned about rising energy and gasoline prices, including 60% who are Very Concerned. One rarely gets that much agreement in a poll.

The poll is bad news for Joe Biden.


A majority of voters are concerned about rising energy costs and favor increased drilling for oil and gas, although most Democratic voters consider reducing climate change a higher priority.

A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute finds that 82% of Likely U.S. Voters are concerned about rising energy and gasoline prices, including 60% who are Very Concerned. Only 14% aren’t concerned about the rising price of energy. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Sixty percent (60%) favor a law that would dramatically increase oil and gas drilling in the United States, including 47% who would Strongly Favor such a law. Thirty percent (30%) would oppose a law to increase drilling, while 11% are not sure.

Fifty-two percent (52%) of voters believe Congress and President Joe Biden should focus more on increasing oil and gas drilling to help reduce energy prices, but 34% think the policy focus should be more on limiting carbon dioxide emissions in an attempt to reduce climate change.

While 74% of Republicans and 54% of voters not affiliated with either major party believe increased oil and gas drilling should be the policy focus, 54% of Democratic voters want the president and Congress to focus more on reducing climate change.

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1 year ago

Traitor Joe’e shutdown of the Energy Section is the Prime driver of Inflation followed by Congress’s continued Deficit Spending. The FED lost control of the Money supply 50 years ago when we went off the Gold Standard.

The World Economy runs primarily off of Oil, but it’s really Energy, i.e. the High Density Fossil Fuel Energy.or Nuclear needed for Manufacturing. Without a Manufacturing Economy, you’re not a serious player in the World and that is becoming a major problem for America.

Wall Street and Banks don’t make money or create wealth. They manipulate Money. Government is nothing but overhead and Big Government is just a drag on the economy.

We are headed for a Depression and the only way out will be economic expansion – Manufacturing, Mining, and Agriculture with a reduction of the Federal Government to under 5% of the GDP.

Climate Change is just Bullshit. We could exterminate all Human Life on the Planet and it will not effect Climate Change. Climate Change is controlled by the Sun and unless we can put a thermostat on the Sun or change the Earth’s orbit we won’t have any control over Climate Change. Climate Change is a con for the redistribution of the Worlds Wealth to the Rich Oligarchs. It’s actually a Bigger Con than the Covid Hoax was.