8th grade lesson at Cooper JHS teaches students that police are slavers & KKK


An eighth-grade social studies assignment depicted police as slave owners and members of the KKK in a series of cartoons. This took place at Cooper Junior High in Wylie, Texas, according to KXAN, an NBC affiliate.

The cartoons show a black man restrained, saying, “I can’t breathe,” while a white person has a knee on the person’s neck.

One cartoon has a Columbus explorer, the next has a plantation owner, the third has a KKK member, the last two are police officers.

One officer is a Jim Crow-era officer and the last is Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd.

By the way, the KKK were all Democrats. You had to be a Democrat to join. The Jim Crow laws were Democrat.

Where does one even begin with the bigotry and abuse of our police officers? Suggesting Christopher Columbus did this with no evidence is also absurd. They even stigmatize plantations.

Mostly, it’s horrible because they are basically calling the police slavers and the KKK.

CNN said the assignment stated they would have a discussion about the First Amendment, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and the right to peaceably protest.

The lesson at the top of the page clearly states it’s allegedly teaching US history. Read it. This is disgusting and outrageous.

This lesson was obviously intended to enrage students and then tell them how to ‘mostly peaceful protest.’ And we know how that turns out.

The lesson was withdrawn after a lot of backlash.

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