9 Year Old Arrested with 5 Other Protesters Over Vax Passport


In this clip, you can see the NYPD-turned-Vax Gestapo arresting five people and a frightened, tearful little Black girl. She didn’t have her vax papers as the group of protesters entered the Museum of Natural History.

Whether you agree or not, these are courageous people. Why they brought the little girl is unclear. Perhaps to send a message or maybe to make it a teachable moment for her. Couldn’t the police have at least told the family where they were taking her? With all the crime in the city and criminals getting out of jail without bail, is this really a priority?

The Left is making them unclean, subhuman and that is just wrong.

Get out of New York City!

It hurts me to hear people going through this misery in New York City as described by the woman in the clip below. She pays her taxes and no one has the right to make her a pariah over an illness with a 97% – 99% survival rate. Our culture is sick.

This lady had the courage to fight what she believes is an unfair rule. No one voted for this.

Personally, I am vaccinated but that was my personal choice and that’s how it should remain in my mind. What do you think?

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