Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Biden’s Vax Mandate for Federal Workers


A federal judge in Texas Friday blocked the federal government from enforcing President Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal employees, arguing that he didn’t have the authority to do so “with the stroke of a pen and without input from Congress.”

Biden knows what he is doing is illegal and he doesn’t care.

Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas Friday ruled against the administration on a separate mandate generally applying to federal employees.

“While vaccines are undoubtedly the best way to avoid serious illness from COVID-19, there is no reason to believe that the public interest cannot be served via less restrictive measures than the mandate, such as masking, social distancing, or part- or full-time remote work,” Brown wrote. “Stopping the spread of COVID-19 will not be achieved by overbroad policies like the federal-worker mandate,” Fox News reports.

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1 year ago

The first falsehood is that vaccination is the best means of stopping the spread of COVID. Well, common sense and now the date has proven this wrong. Natural Immunity is the best means of stopping the spread of COVID and most any other virus with under a 1% yearly mortality rate. The Vaccines are Leaky. Because they are Leaky, they don’t just allow breakthrough cases, but enhance mutations. Natural Immunity is far more effective. Naturally Immune has far fewer reinfections and Naturally Immunity is much more broad banded giving better resistance to mutations.

Now, should be treat everyone like little children and send them off to COVID Parties? NO! The elderly and the venerable should consider vaccination, but as poor as the vaccines are, early therapeutic help is probably a better route. Unfortunately this would drastically hurt Big Pharma’s bottom line. The default for society should be Natural Immunity for the Healthy! There is strong evidence that passive immunity is passed from generation to generation and Lab-rat Immunity may become a problem as it may break this chain of genetic immunity being past down through the generations. If it wasn’t for this “genetic” Immunity, we would be killed by many viruses we have Natural Immunity to at birth today.

The Covid Hoax was an attack by Government on the People. Note how the Government went after Religion and Small Business from the very beginning. These are the two biggest opponents of Big Government and arguably the biggest supporters of President Trump. The Covid Hoax was a Political Attack on the The People by Government.

What we should have learned from the Covid Hoax is that the Executive Branch of Government has far too much mandate power, specifically the un-elected Deep State Bureaucracy. People like Quack Fauci. It is important that we greatly restrict Government Mandate and Regulatory Powers to always be “blessed” by elected Legislative Bodies within a week or less of the Executive Branch proclamations. Without a stamp of approval by elected legislatures, The People have no control of Government Bureaucrats.

Over the Last 100 years the Federal Government has taking far too much power from the States. The Supreme Court must confine the Federal Government to only the Clearly Enumerated Powers expressed in the Constitution. America is not a Mod Rule Democracy; it is a Constitutional Republic where the Constitution protects the People from Government abuse. It is the role of the Courts to limit Government abuse, but modern Judges have become political. The only way to remedy this is to take away the protections Judges now have from clearly abusive decisions. When a Judge is overruled by a Higher Court he should automatically be subject to a vote of no confidence by the The People of his district. If he receives a no confidence vote then he is not only removed from the Bench, he can NEVER serve as a Judge again! The Congress has been a failure when it comes to disciplining judges. The rulings we are finally seeing today should have been made over 18 months ago.

The Great Leap Keep Me Safe
The Great Leap Keep Me Safe
1 year ago

Mommygov should get everyone a hermetically sealed bubble. Problem solved.
At least give us something for the thirty trillion.