90 foreigners found in a Houston home, not trafficked slaves this time


Ninety people were trapped in a home in Houston. The police responded to a reported kidnapping call when they made the discovery.

“When we got into the house we realized that there were over 90 people inside,” Assistant Chief Daryn Edwards told reporters.

According to the report, property records show that the home has five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

“We are concerned that there may be some positive COVID cases inside the house,” Edwards said after multiple people complained of symptoms including fevers and loss of sense of smell.

The report added that the Health Department was brought in to screen for Covid-19 and weigh quarantine options.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says one in four victims of human trafficking or modern-day slavery are children – and the majority of forced laborers, including forced sex workers, are women and girls.

Houston police found only five females at the home on Friday and the rest were males, Edwards said. None of the victims were children.

“This is definitely more of a smuggling thing and not a trafficking thing,” Edwards said.


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Texas alone saw more than 1,080 human trafficking cases reported in 2019, the most recent year with data available, according to the Human Trafficking Hotline. More than 800 of those involved in sex trafficking and almost all of the victims were female.

This is what the Biden administration has wrought. We talk about slavery that ended over 150 years ago but no one cares that we have slavery in this country today.

Wake up America! And close the border!

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