Is he well? Biden talks about Amtrak


Joe Biden, our ‘president,’ talks about Amtrak as only he can.

This is ridiculous. He’s not the President. He can’t formulate a thought for long and has no idea what he’s saying. It’s possibly because of past aneurisms.

Biden is a figurehead for the Democrat cabal behind him.


When Biden gave his speech on Wednesday, he actually said that as Obama’s Vice President he solved the “root causes” of illegal immigration from south of the border. Trump, he proclaimed bizarrely, is the one who caused the mess at the border.

If that were true, why did Barack Obama deport 3 million illegal aliens?

Biden doesn’t answer reporters’ questions because he is suffering from some type of dementia. He can’t keep it together if he isn’t practiced and reading from a teleprompter.

His boring speech on Wednesday could have been made more interesting if he just stopped talking and let us read it off the teleprompter ourselves.

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