90 Mostly Far-Left Muslims Are Running for Political Office


Donald Trump’s so-called travel ban — which is NOT a travel ban of Muslims — has motivated some 90, mostly far-left, Muslims to run for office and most are Democrats [so far, we could only find far-left Democrats]. They are also motivated by a far-left community organizer named Nadeem Mazen.

CNN, and other outlets, blatantly lied about the ban, and what follows is one example of how they distorted the truth: “[the travel ban] which temporarily kept immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim nations from entering the US”.

The truth is the travel ban is a temporary ban on TERROR nations, not Muslims, and it is meant to last until the government can get the vetting right.

Muslims have been lied to on this issue. A ban of this nature has been implemented by modern presidents routinely, including Barack Obama.

CNN proclaimed: “As they [the 90 Muslims] campaign, the fate of many Muslims with hopes of coming to the US lies in the hands of the Supreme Court, which will hear oral arguments concerning the legality of the latest version of Trump’s travel ban Wednesday.”

The fate of many Muslims does not lie in this decision. What doesn’t CNN understand about ‘temporary’?

In the CNN article, they write: “Some candidates — like Saad and Deedra Abboud, of Arizona — hope to make it to Capitol Hill to join Democratic Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota and André Carson of Indiana, the only two Muslim members of Congress.”

Isn’t that just peachy-keen.

Ellison is a far-left, Antifa-loving friend to Farrakhan, a dangerous leader of the dangerous hate group, The Nation of Islam. Ellison has been sponsored by people tied to terrorists. Carson is no better.


In 2017, a political action group called Jetpac launched a campaign to encourage more Muslims to run for office. Jetpac offers guidance.

The organization offers interested candidates a “playbook,” with a curriculum that helps teach list building, how to formulate a campaign message, social media outreach, and fundraising.

They are behind the 90 far-left Muslims and they have a waiting list of 100 more.

“We have to elevate Muslim American voices,” Jetpac Executive Director Shaun Kennedy told CNN. “American Muslims are fed up of not being included in the conversation that is about them … and they are being made targets.”

Kennedy’s profile is on LinkedIn. He’s far-left and is helping to build, as Jetpac describes on its website, an American Muslim political infrastructure. They call it Islamopower and claim there is a rising problem of Islamophobia, which is not true.

Radicals are reporting fake attacks or exaggerating attacks. That’s the rise they are talking about. What is true is the Democrats made them into another victim group with their identity politics.

Nadeem Mazen Is the Community Organizer to Watch

Jetpac Inc. is fronted by a Cambridge, MA (also a CAIR – Hamas’s front-arm in America – leader) City Council member, Nadeem Mazen!.

Mazen is also a grad of the radically diverse MIT which boasts a laundry list of Muslim Brotherhood grads.

The first Muslim elected to a national office was Rep. Keith Ellison. He was elected in 2006 to represent a heavily Democratic district in Minnesota and was sworn into office with his hand on the Quran; he is the second-in-command at the DNC.

Nadeem Mazen says it’s not enough to have Ellison and André Carson, the other extremist Muslim in Congress, and that’s why he formed Jetpac.

Shaun Kennedy is Mazen’s/Jetpac’s PR+ guy and Mazen is Jetpac’s founder and president. He became Massachusetts’ first Muslim elected to public office when he won a seat on the Boston City Council in 2013.

Mazen was a founding member of the CAIR chapter in Massachusetts after serving as the president of the Muslim Student Association at MIT.

CAIR and the MSA are both off-shoots of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, currently banned as a terrorist organization in at least half a dozen countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE.

Mazen is a far-left guy and therein lies the problem for Americans. The far-left is tearing down America. The far-left is more of a danger than any force in the United States today. Republicans will never accept the socialist Nazis or the KKK, despite the propaganda from the left saying Republicans do. On the other hand, the Democrat party has embraced Communists, Socialists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They have also adopted radical Islamists into their fold.


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