94% of Chicago murder victims are black & hispanic


But you already knew this. Murder victims in Chicago are overwhelming black (75%) and Hispanic (19%). This is significant because only one-third of Chicago’s population is black.

In addition, 90% of the victims were male. More than half (53%) were between the ages of 17 and 25. It’s an epidemic among young black men. If this were a disease, the CDC would have their top experts combing the city for the cause and researching for a cure.

To make matters worse, more than three-quarters of the murder victims had a prior arrest history. Many of those prior arrests were for violent crimes and gang-related activities.

These statistics, form a 2016 study by Intellectual Takeout, offer a sobering snapshot of Chicago’s staggering level of ceaseless and senseless violence. It’s all black-on-black crime. BLM could care less.

Sadly, 2.3% of the murder victims were under the age of 10. They were generally unintended victims who were caught in the crossfire.

Since late spring there have been cries for Social Justice. Where is justice for the murder victims of Chicago? Blacks keep shooting and killing other blacks at an alarming rate. BLM could care less.


In a year marred by violence following the death of George Floyd, criminals in Chicago never took a day off. His death was just a diversion.

George Floyd depicted in a mural with angel wings and a halo. He was a violent 4-time convicted felon who held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant black woman! He was a drug addict who overdosed and would have died anyway, according to authorities.

Floyd was a low-life who has been hailed as a hero. He’s not a hero. He was a minor distraction that allowed blacks to continue killing each other without so much as a raised eyebrow. Black-on-black shootings and murders are indeed an epidemic.

Hundreds of blacks in Chicago have been shot, and dozens murdered, since George Floyd’s death. Where is the outrage among the black community? Where are Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson calling for the end to the violence? Their silence is deafening.

Shouldn’t there be murals of Chicago’s murdered children with angel wings and a halo?

Where is justice for the black children who will never attend school or play sports?

It appears there will be no murals and no justice for them. Just more bloodshed.

Image from: abc7chicago.com

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago

Gee where are the BLM Marxists and the ANTIFA anarchists? They don’t have the balls to go to the hood in Chi-town and protest and burn and loot. I don’t think the gang bangers would take to that so much.

Lamont Cranston Knows
Lamont Cranston Knows
3 years ago

Kamal will build the Wakanda and the rate will be 0%. The comrades will get together under the unity plan and cease with their burn it all down agenda for the good of the collective.
The Long Dark Winter will give way to blooming flowers and angelic choirs because the King and the land are one.
With JoJo CCP wielding the sword of unity we will all become lightworkers.
He has already fixed the economy because Paul Krugman that’s why.
Forward! Yes we can.