A Dangerous Biden Regime Might Open Another Front with China


NATO is warning China to turn its back on Russia. That won’t happen. Alex Christoforou says in the clip below, the United States might be “stupid enough to open a second front” of economic sanctions with China. The Biden White House has “no reverse gear”, he said, or perhaps they are “looking for systems collapse”, Alex suggests in the clip.

Donald Trump did put tariffs on China but this would be a worse situation.

China spoke with Biden and little has been said about it. It likely didn’t go well.

Biden might’ve burned his bridges with China, according to some critics. The country’s official spokesperson is openly mocking his “peace” efforts. Syria is making peace with its enemies in the Middle East. UAE and Saudi are reportedly not taking Biden’s calls. Venezuela is mocking him. And he’s trying to bully India.

A US admiral just said China fully militarized at least three of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.

Latin America is partnering with China and is rejecting US assistance. Pakistan just joined India in rejecting sanctions.

Since Biden issued his demands, China has referenced the 1999 bombing campaign in Belgrade when NATO bombed the Chinese embassy in the city.

NATO bombed Belgrade for 78 days, violating international law. Then-senator Biden bragged about promoting the bombing.

In 2020, Biden claimed he’s talked about as being a foreign policy expert.


Russia is targeting mercenaries and has made that clear, according to the narrator in the clip below, Alex Christoforou of The Duran.

Christoforou also referenced Zelenskyy banning all political parties temporarily except his own. Ukraine — the so-called democracy — is now a one-party system.

Before the conflict broke out, Zelenskyy put his leading political opponent under house arrest, who has since escaped. Zelenskyy also banned the Russian language media stations.

The Vice Prime Minister of Bulgaria said he will not renew his gas contracts with Gasprom over the Ukraine war. They are going to work with the EU to solve their energy needs.

Christoforou thinks – his opinion – that when it ends this year, Gasprom won’t renew the long-term contracts. They’re going to send all their gas East. They don’t need the Europeans. Where will Europe get its fuel?


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3 months ago

Stupidity keeps paying dividends. Some really want an all out Economic War. Those are the very worst beginnings for the general public in the long run. Certainly those in power and the elite will suffer no ill effects at all.


Alex says they have already started sanctioning Chinese officials. It has now begun; China is the next Russia.

3 months ago

According to Alexander there is talk of the US defaulting on Chinese debt payments and sell it as sanctions in hopes the markets will not respond. This is Third World level ignorance. Do they Not have any idea what that would do to Treasury instruments when the US has to borrow during every budget cycle. Since Social Security and other budget items are part of the Unified Budget, a choice will have to be made; Continue spending for Government “Operations” or fulfill the obligations of entitlements. Who will be put at the back of the line. It will begin with reducing benefits before reducing Government.

I do believe this Administration IS that Stupid. No doubt Biden believes it when he said he graduated at the “top of his class”, when in fact he was at the very bottom.


3 months ago

If Traitor Joe moves on China, China will move on Taiwan. Disrupting Taiwan Exports will send the Modern Western World back to the 19th Century. Soon everyone could be riding bikes.

It's Been Written
It's Been Written
3 months ago

The faculty lounge in their fart bubble fell for the WOKE will rule for 1000 years hype as part of their demoralization.
External enemies are going to pounce on this silver platter of weakness and disunity.
Bad things happen when you have zero control of “your” government and they are traitors on a Long March to rid the world of the deplorable kulak untermenschen.

Prep Accordingly
Prep Accordingly
3 months ago

The Fundamental Transformation is just like the demotivational poster of Hussein the Immaculate (the One!) where it is a smoking bomb crater of absolute and total ruin with the caption, my work here is done.
The Land of Sun Tzu will not tolerate fools and they are a long way from NATO.
They cold wipeout the economy at any time and make 1929 look like a Sunday afternoon in the park.
BTW-I miss the park but it is not an option with gas at $4.30 a gallon.