A Diverse Group of 12 GOP Candidates Turned Blue House Seats Red


Remember all those “experts” predicting a “blue wave” on November 3rd.  Well, they really missed that call in the House of Representatives.  Far from Republicans losing 15 to 20 seats, the “Party of Lincoln” is assured of increasing their numbers rather significantly.

Leading that charge has been a diverse slate of candidates who will be serving in the House for the first time this January.   Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave credit to Donald Trump.

“Every Democrat has been beaten by a Republican woman, Republican minority, or Republican veteran,” he told Fox News. “We are more diverse and stronger because of what President Trump has done.”

At last count, there will be nine new Republican women entering the house, led by New York’s own Nicole Malliotakis, the daughter of a Cuban refugee. There are so many. She is talking about forming her own “Squad,” to counter the one created by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: a group of new Republicans who love America. “We value freedom, liberty, and opportunity,” Malliotakis, 40, told The Post.

Like virtually all the GOP winners, she focused on law and order while highlighting the Democrat’s threat to defund police.

The other conservative women who flipped Dem seats are Young Kim and Michelle Park Steel, Christian Korean immigrants from California; Maria Salazar, the daughter of a Cuban refugee from Florida; Ashley Hinson of Iowa, Michelle Fischbach of Minnesota, Yvette Herrell of New Mexico, Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma and Nancy Mace of South Carolina.

Three conservative men flipped seats: former NFL star Burgess Owens in Utah, Cuban-born former Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez in Florida and Iraq veteran Peter Meijer of Michigan.  Owens Convention speech, telling of his very moving personal story, was a huge success and put him on the national political map.

“Meanwhile, shell-shocked Democrats are screaming at each other in Zoom postmortems and branding the result a “dumpster fire,” with socialists and moderates blaming each other.”

It would seem, given the Dems cranky reaction and blowback on Nancy Pelosi, the only wave her party might see is one bidding the current Speaker, “Goodbye.”  How ironic.



  1. A beautiful headline at the aggregator-CPUSA (dems) humiliated with the smallest house majority in 80 years.
    Celebrate good times. A divided government is a great thing.

    O/T-fam is on about mouth wash killing the CCP flu?

    The morale will continue until the beating improves.

    Yaby Boda
    Body Yaba
    Yady Boba
    Baby Yoda

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