Joe outperformed Hillary in only 4 cities & wait until you see which ones


Richard Baris of Big Data Poll noted something about the election results that strains credulity. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in polling except for four cities: Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.

Biden not only surpassed Hillary, but he also skyrocketed in Philadelphia to the point of the absurd. Additionally, he got way too many votes in the other three cities to be believable. Interestingly, these cities all dragged the counting out for days.

The pollster wrote at The Democracy Institute, Trump’s victories in Michigan were on target until counting was arbitrarily halted.

“Trump won the largest non-white vote share for a Republican presidential candidate in 60 years. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, except for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.”

The fantastical numbers in the chart below came from the NY Times here and here.

How did the lazy, doddering Basement Joe get 604,175 votes in Philadelphia County when Hillary only got 141,683? He also outperformed her in Wayne, Fulton, and Milwaukee. Does anyone believe that?

Baris wrote on Twitter, ” I spent two months talking about how rule changes in certain states would lead to a quasi election with a ton of confusion, and distrust. This absolutely was by design. The system is not set up for how we conducted this one, and it was inevitably going to lead to where we are.”

The recounts are also a sham. Last night, the two Republican canvassers refused to certify the election results for Wayne County, which takes in Detroit, due to irregularities in voting. Immediately, they were doxxed and threatened. Afterward,they reversed their decision and certified the election.


A third county in Georgia has found a drive with votes that went uncounted. All three had more votes for President Trump.

Georgia is a sham. It’s a recount without an audit.

The election night numbers are the ones that count, not the numbers from the recount.

In the clip below, the Tea Party Organization President called an elections official to find out which numbers count, the ones from election night or the recount. The woman told her the election night numbers count, but she forwards both sets of numbers. She also said the numbers from the two counts do not match.

Martin sees this as more evidence that the recount in Georgia is a sham. Perhaps, but not necessarily. It depends on what happens after they reach their destination.

Efforts to stop certification of Pennsylvania have so far been fruitless. There are more lawsuits in the swing states yet to be heard.

Sidney Powell discusses Dominion and more in the next clip.

Go to 01:11:

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